Data Cult Audio 0016 – Campfire’s Edge

Campfire’s Edge is the electronic music project of Hudson Valley, NY artist Nathan M. Yeager.
Nathan’s lifelong devotion to music is defined by his skills as a unique multi-instrumentalist; playing modular synthesizer, keyboard, guitar, homemade electronics, and whatever comes next in the evolution of music. He sees his current work as scores to short films yet to be realized.
The music featured here is the result of 2 improvisational sessions layered on top of each other; and was created exclusively for the Data Cult Podcast. This piece features Eurorack Modular Synthesizer, Roland Juno 106, Moog Prodigy, Nord Lead 2x and Granular processing.
Campfire’s Edge’s debut EP “The Last Lighthouse” will be released August, 2017 on BlueHill. More information can be found at the following links:

Data Cult Audio 0015 – James Cigler


Saturday 07/22/2017 Data Cult Audio presents James Cigler. You can catch it on iTunes or SoundCloud as Data Cult Audio or catch us on the web at
After years of trying to find more interesting guitar sounds, James Cigler discovered synthesizers, and eventually modular synthesizers, and the now decade-long obsession began. James is probably most well known for his modular demonstration videos on youtube, but over the last few years he’s focused on more performances and capturing his sonic explorations. Last year saw the release of the ‘People’s Temple’ trilogy, under the moniker Jim Drones. With these new pieces, and new video projects in production, James shows no signs of slowing down.

You can find more on James here:

Data Cult Audio 0012 – Brad Clay

Brad is known throughout the modular community as the owner of Glow Worm Cables LLC, maker of cool, multicolored, glow-in-in-the-dark patch cables. He is based out of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, a town known for its unique musical history. Brad has just released his album Zero Zero One on Nebula Collection available on cassette and digitally.
Find out more about Brad and Glow Worm cables from the links below.

Data Cult Audio 0013 – Void Manes

Void Manes plays gloom-psych, and has collaborated with the Melvins, Hepa-Titus, and Mike Patton. Forthcoming releases include a collaborative album with the Melvins paying tribute to Throbbing Gristle, and a split LP with ear moviemaker Christoph Heemann.

Bad vibes guaranteed.


Data Cult Audio 0012 – J. Carter


Jeremiah M Carter is a multi-instrumentalist experimental artist that comfortably weaves between ambience and power electronics. J. Carter is a part of multiple projects based out of Nashville, TN, such as the post-punk outfit Brothers, and is the co-curator of the eclectic label Fraternity As Vanity. J. Carter’s first release was out on Fraternity As Vanity on June 19th 2017.

You can find more about J. Carter and FRATERNITY AS VANITY here >