Data Cult Audio 0032 – The Polymer Cities


The Polymer Cities is the experimental project of Allan Murphy’s many musical/artistic activities which also include Own Brand (formerly Midwich Youth Club)/Pages from Ceefax/Kehrschleife.

The Polymer Cities is a Psycho-Geographical exploration/representation of potential future spaces and their emotional stimuli.

The aim of this piece is to reproduce an impression of the phenomena of ‘Data Rot’ the breakdown of digital files which sometimes results in the odd merging of files on a hard disc. creating new hybrids of information – a sort of cut-up writing for the digital realm in which a potential future might leak through.
Allan has used mainly unfinished Polymer Cities pieces as the core sounds and juxtaposed/manipulated them with various experimental processes alongside freshly created musical material to represent what an album of his would sound like in the future after data rot.