Data Cult Audio 0053 – Xin


Joe Miller is a music composer, sound designer, and audio engineer. Since 2008, he has crafted original music and sound for more than 20 films, national TV series, marketing campaigns, games, theater, etc. A decade of writing on commission, in popular genres and with standard tools, created a need for new forms of personal artistic expression. In reaction to this, making music in the “modular method” has become a primary form of self-expression and music experimentation in Joe’s life. These improvised experiments are released under the name Xin.

In Chinese philosophy, xin can refer to one’s disposition or feelings or to one’s confidence or trust in something or someone. Xin has a connotation of intention yet can be used to refer to long-term goals. Xin (心) itself is a concept that is as much cognitive as emotional. This blend of cognitive intention and emotional reaction is the essence of this approach to modular music making.


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