Data Cult Audio 0040 – Norma Saguaro


Norma Saguaro lives in Portland, Oregon where she is finishing a degree in Economics. She hosts an electronic music focused radio show called ‘Beyond the Marble Palace’ on Freeform Portland, 90.3 fm, and after a long sabbatical has just recently started writing music again. Her favorite things include the smell of incense, long walks in fog, fried chicken, the sound of a saxophone being played far off in the rain and her sweet dog, Lucy.

You can catch her on radio show online every Saturday at 4am Pacific Standard Time (GMT-7 or GMT-8 depending on Daylight Savings Time).


Data Cult Audio 0025 – Chief Acid Officer

Chief Acid Officer is Zachary Hollback, a musician and electronic music producer in suburban Connecticut by way of Chicago and Atlanta. Zachary has been performing and producing live hardware-only sets of machine music since 2001, starting primarily with dancefloor-ready beat-driven techno (under the name Push Button Action Man). As he moved forward his style moved backward, coming to rest on the acid house that he grew up with in the 1980s. His recordings and live sets are a love letter to the classic energy of house music and the sound of the 303, peppered with experimentation, improvisation, and elements of modern electronic music. Zachary recorded this set live on an all-hardware setup especially for Data Cult Audio.


Data Cult Audio 0010 – Stop Plate Techtonics


Stop Plate Techtonics is an all-hardware electronic music project in Los Angeles. Inspired by the sounds of 80’s and 90’s acid house, electro, techno, and breakbeat, SPT keeps the dance floor funky with original beats and bass-heavy synthesis.
The project’s philosophy places the live-performance of hardware-based synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and effects at the forefront of its musical composition. This means that each track in this mix was recorded in a single take. Live performance mixes can be found on the Soundcloud page listed below.
SPT plays regularly in Los Angeles and San Diego with the Friends of Friends Network (#FOFN), Acid Varsity, and EMXLA, and they have opened for The Egyptian Lover, Juan Atkins, Neil Landstrumm, and Ramon Bostich’s Point Loma project.
Many of the tracks in the mix can be downloaded on the Friends of Friends network’s Bandcamp page:
You can help Stop Plate Techtonics by following them on the social media platforms below for regular updates on music, performances, and overall shenanigans: