Data Cult Audio 0039 – Adamon


During the embryonic development of the modern musical synthesizer, Morton Subotnick envisioned a day in which an individual could become the audience, the director, and the performer of a musical work all at once. The belief was that a device could exist that one could explore a sonic space with in real time and move from “point to point” within this space guided by feelings, emotions, or any other perturbation of the mind. With the creation of such a device (the “synthesizer”) in 1963, Subtonick’s idea became reality however alternative interpretations of its utility also emerged. With time, the “synthesizer” came to predominately be an instrument with which equal tempered, melodic music was created, recorded, and distributed among the masses. A select few have, however chosen to investigate and develop the concept closer to Subotnick’s original vision of the man-machine interaction. adamon is Damon Mar’s pursuit of this.

adamon is Damon Mar
Lawrence F**king Kansas