Data Cult Audio 0054 – Yoel Ben Yahuda

Yoel Ben Yehuda is a multi-faceted artist/lecturer living in Atlanta, Georgia, where he teaches classes in music theory, intro to recording and production, music management, voice, choir, and piano.

He has worked as a musician/producer with many artists both locally in Atlanta and internationally. Some of his projects include working as keyboardist and co-producer with Diane Durrett and Soul Suga, and as producer/musician with Tribe Records UK and Kazakauta Records Angola, Africa.

Amongst his credits, Yoel has written for television and film, performed with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and has written several arrangements for the the Naples Philharmonic.


Data Cult Audio 0053 – Xin


Joe Miller is a music composer, sound designer, and audio engineer. Since 2008, he has crafted original music and sound for more than 20 films, national TV series, marketing campaigns, games, theater, etc. A decade of writing on commission, in popular genres and with standard tools, created a need for new forms of personal artistic expression. In reaction to this, making music in the “modular method” has become a primary form of self-expression and music experimentation in Joe’s life. These improvised experiments are released under the name Xin.

In Chinese philosophy, xin can refer to one’s disposition or feelings or to one’s confidence or trust in something or someone. Xin has a connotation of intention yet can be used to refer to long-term goals. Xin (心) itself is a concept that is as much cognitive as emotional. This blend of cognitive intention and emotional reaction is the essence of this approach to modular music making.


Data Cult Audio 0052 – Illumination Station

Noah Kalos, AKA Illumination Station, has been playing musical instruments for as long as he can remember. The appearance and construction of these instruments has shifted over the years but his passion for creating noises has never waned. Starting on instruments made of wood, metal strings and horsehair to ones of brass with valves, an ever lasting love for large ones with black and white keys and now instruments made mostly of copper, aluminum and played with knobs and cables.

Noah’s passion for electronic music started while doing a summer program at Berklee for upright jazz bass and he started learning reason and cubase as an elective. Noah was in the box for many years with his electronic music production but in the last few years he has emerge into the world of modular synthesizers do to the unique composition styles and creativity available in this medium. 

Currently working as a synthesizer technician for his day job, Noah has entered fully into the world of modular and couldn’t be happier. Noah has been working in the genre of “Modular Dance Music,” which is fairly undefined and vague. It is not exclusive to hardware modular but rather a modular thinking and modular approach that can be found within programs such as Pure Data and Reaktor. While Noah tends to exclusively use eurorack, he is excited to see this genre grow and for the creative possibilities inherent in modular composition and performance. Tune in and chillout to some modular dance music provided by Illumination Station.


Data Cult Audio 0051 – U-Bits

Under the pseudonym U-Bits , lies Sergio Rodriguez, self-taught musician, sound designer and field recording enthusiast.

U-Bits represents the current projection of the work of an artist who is constantly in search of structures and textures far from standard. A compendium of sound design, field recordings, noise and soundscapes.


Data Cult Audio 0050 – Oliver Dodd

Oliver Dodd is a producer and performer originally from Atlanta but now resides in Nashville. For Data Cult Audio 0050, he brings us an introspective and deep set with the focus and feeling of spring.  The set was composed and recorded using a Eurorack Modular Synth.  

 Patch Notes:

The pitch sequencer is comprised of a random source from the SSF Ultra Random which is fed into the Ornament & Crime Quantermain mode.  Sound sources used are: Rings, Elements, Braids, and Plonk. Further audio processing is from Clouds, Erbe-Verb and Phonogene.  Modulation sources include Function, Voltage Block, SSF Ultra Random, and Quad Clock Divider.  All audio sources are mixed using the WMD Performance mixer and WMD MSCL Stereo Compressor which are sent to a two-channel audio interface. 


Data Cult Audio 0049 – Sunshine Lover


Fresh from the land of the rising sun and emerging from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo comes Sunshine Lover.

Just over two years ago he started his journey experimenting with Modular Synthesizers, and for his Data Cult debut he has compiled some of his favorite aural experiments for your listening pleasure.

Raw, rough and nasty in places but contrasting with glimpses of light shining through the mirk, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, and just like Roy Ayers famously sung ‘Everybody loves the…….


Data Cult Audio 0048 – Ipnoteca

Ipnoteca is an Italian born electronic musician base in Tokyo with a true passion for analogue gear, strange sounds, patch cables and blinking lights.

During his 20+ years of personal music and sound research, Ipnoteca has discovered modular synthesizers to be the perfect instruments to create the characteristics of his sound, which ranges from IDM to ambient to glitch music.

His system is composed of various modules, and is mainly comprised of modules by Intellijel Design, Make Noise, Mutable Instruments, Industrial Music Electronics (formerly Harvestman) and Noise Engineering.

Since moving to Tokyo Ipnoteca has had the chance to become a regular performer, and play various shows, clubs and modular events such as Modular Cafè, Cave, TFoM 2015 and Dommune. He is currently working on various sound design projects for emerging visual artists and a cassette album that will be released in early 2018.


Data Cult Audio 0047 – Lithe


Beginning fresh somewhere late in 2016, Lithe is the pet solo project of Alice Blunt, and is a mixture of introspective feelings and fuzzy memories of transient sensations.

She takes influence from bangy UK techno acts, and the hedonistic shadowy parts of the Berlin techno scene with the occasional nod to trippy ambient and IDM sonic magic.

She primarily uses a mixture of modular and desktop hardware, with frequent use of sample mangling for percussion, texture and rhythm.

(Be sure to check out her upcoming debut EP release on VLSC)

Data Cult Audio 0046 – JMoNoisey


JMoNoisey (Asheville, NC) has been recording and producing music since 2004. His background is industrial noise, techno and psychedelic trance and influences are Throbbing Gristle and all the sub-projects, but mostly Coil. He currently plays live ambient music on a variety of hardware synthesizers, samplers and eurorack modules. This music was played live on a modular synthesizer and recorded as two, one shot performances.

Data Cult Audio 0045 – Hataken


Hataken has been an electronic music producer, performer since the mid 90’s. His musical style employs ambient chilled out grooves using synthesizers to span multiple genres that create a unique style and psychedelic feeling. Hataken has performed many festivals including Boom 2012 (7 hours live show with analog vintage rigs), Ozora festival, Sonica, Sound Wave, SXSW and more. Hataken released his solo album “A Prana Planet” on Matsuri Digital Chill in Nov. 2017

Shifting from vintage analogue synth performances to modular synthesizers, Hataken has become an icon in the Japanese modular scene. In 2013 he organized the Tokyo Festival of Modular; a yearly event that showcases international modular synthesizer technology and artist performances. His goal is to foster the next generation of modular synthesizer music.

Hataken has taken part in many collaborative projects. Wåveshåper was a project with Greg Hunter which produced an album and series of live performances in Europe. He is an organizer of the alternative culture underground platform ZEN ZEN. Hataken performed and recorded with renowned guitarist Sugizo twice, and will be featured on Sugizo’s upcoming album and remix in 2018.

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