Data Cult Audio 0043 – DivKid

DivKid is a composer, producer, sound designer and audio engineer come YouTube demonstrator. DivKid started as a composer and producer of electronic music before running into mastering for various labels and working with sound design projects for audio software and sample packs. Developing out of the initial “in the box” workflow led DivKid to work with modern desktop synths, guitar pedals and rack gear before moving through vintage keyboard synths and finally onto modular synths. Modular synths made their way into various sound design projects and composition work before an clear gap in the modular was presented that needed filling. That gap was demonstration and education around modular synths products and companies which led to the first DivKid videos on YouTube demoing euro rack modular gear. This grew and is now the main output for the “DivKid Project” demonstrating modules for the amazing community of users, designers and makers that make working with this equipment so inspirational.


Hello everyone, this is DivKid (Ben) and this is a mix of tracks in various stages of development all exploring my musical headspace of late which is textural exploration and merging performative modular work with randomly generating patches. The pieces you’ll hear cross two albums I’m working on as well as single tracks and odd “moments” I’ve captured. None of the tracks here will released or presenting in another form for some time. So enjoy the mix and the journey through my little sonic adventure.

Data Cult Audio 0042 – Yates Zaldevour

Yates Zaldevour is an Atlanta native based artist. In 1981 at the age of 5 he got a hold of Rush’s Moving Pictures on 8 track cassette. He listened to it alone, and thought everything was going ok until the very last song, Witch Hunt. He’d never heard music sound creepy before. It was as if someone was stalking him. “What are these bizarre background noises? What is going on here?” Yates turned it off, and ran away from the radio. Only to find himself slowly peeking around the corner, and coming back to listen again. Not much later in life, one of his brothers showed him the movie The Shining. He was terrified and entranced at the same time; yet seeking to know more about these crazy sounds that elicited emotional and physical reactions. Later on, in his teens, he took up drumming, and learned some basics on guitar. In the early 90’s he discovered drum machines and general midi synth boxes. By the mid 90’s he had found samplers and things took another direction in sound creation. By 2014 he landed in the modular zone, and once again, life changed for the better. 

This session is somewhat of a telling of his musical past, present, and where the future can go. The performance is based around his eurorack system and a few of it’s all in one synth friends. 

Yates currently can be found online at SoundCloud – His personal page of music and sound exploration, old bands, and few of the projects and scoring he has done. 

Data Cult Audio 0041 – Booksy


Booksy is an underground electronic music project recording in Brooklyn, NY. A native of NYC and a founding member of Fictions, in his solo work Booksy explores a sonic topology flowing between skittering nomadic techno/electro and primal drone constellations. Modular and non-modular analog and digital synths, samplers, and drum machines were assembled for these recordings, which were all conducted and recorded in live takes.


Data Cult Audio 0040 – Norma Saguaro


Norma Saguaro lives in Portland, Oregon where she is finishing a degree in Economics. She hosts an electronic music focused radio show called ‘Beyond the Marble Palace’ on Freeform Portland, 90.3 fm, and after a long sabbatical has just recently started writing music again. Her favorite things include the smell of incense, long walks in fog, fried chicken, the sound of a saxophone being played far off in the rain and her sweet dog, Lucy.

You can catch her on radio show online every Saturday at 4am Pacific Standard Time (GMT-7 or GMT-8 depending on Daylight Savings Time).


Data Cult Audio 0039 – Adamon


During the embryonic development of the modern musical synthesizer, Morton Subotnick envisioned a day in which an individual could become the audience, the director, and the performer of a musical work all at once. The belief was that a device could exist that one could explore a sonic space with in real time and move from “point to point” within this space guided by feelings, emotions, or any other perturbation of the mind. With the creation of such a device (the “synthesizer”) in 1963, Subtonick’s idea became reality however alternative interpretations of its utility also emerged. With time, the “synthesizer” came to predominately be an instrument with which equal tempered, melodic music was created, recorded, and distributed among the masses. A select few have, however chosen to investigate and develop the concept closer to Subotnick’s original vision of the man-machine interaction. adamon is Damon Mar’s pursuit of this.

adamon is Damon Mar
Lawrence F**king Kansas


Data Cult Audio 0038 – Miles MacQuarrie


Miles Macquarrie went to college for audio engineering and has always had an interest in sound design. He also has a love for synthesizers and the music created by them. Influenced by new wave, minimal synth, electro, and ambient, he uses modular synths as a way to relax when he is not busy running his restaurant, Kimball House. 


Data Cult Audio 0037 – J.Alpinist


“Mountaineering is often called Alpinism, especially in European languages, which implies climbing routes with minimal equipment in high and often snow and ice-covered mountains such as the Alps, where technical difficulties frequently exceed environmental and physical challenges. A mountaineer who pursues this more technical and minimalist style of mountain climbing is sometimes called an Alpinist”

J.Alpinist is the moniker of John Hornak, Canadian Producer and Mastering Engineer (Michelle Gurevich, Hermitess, Locutus). Improvised ambient dub composition mixed with precision. Employing modular hardware, software and projection mapping. The 4 part Album/EP series “Offerings” will be completed spring 2018 with the release of Offerings #4 at and all major digital outlets. Look for J.Alpinist on tour in North America in 2018.

Best Enjoyed Loud.

“a unique sound featuring delicate layering and beautiful space-age melodies. A gorgeous compendium of illustrative sound.” – Earshot


Data Cult Audio 0036 – Helvetian Waves

Helvetian Waves is a side project of Andrés Fuentes, a classical–trained pianist, composer and physicist based in Zürich, whom has been commissioned on several occasions by the Mozarteum (Salzburg) to write electroacoustic music, by the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna to develop intelligent sound installations and, more recently, by the IRCAM (Paris) to research on new techniques of Deep Learning addressed to music. His oeuvre is quite versatile, including his characteristic nonlinear metric and atonal structures, as well as chromatic post-minimalism envelopes.


Data Cult Audio 0035 – Erin Cooper


Erin April Cooper is an experimental improvisational musician based in Portland OR. She creates her pieces using a variety of synthesizers. Her pieces are inspired by her emotions and life experiences.


Data Cult Audio 0034 – Adaptive Machines


Adaptive Machines is a live performance based project from Portland, Oregon. Started by Scott Worley of Jatun in late 2013, as a way to eschew recording on the computer and get back into the world of modular synthesizers and recording live performances through analog mixers directly onto tape (reel to reel, 4 tracks, 8 tracks) with no overdubs or post production involved. On the cusp of releasing the 8th installment in his current VOLUMETRIC series, Scott shares the opening songs off of his upcoming releases, VOL X and VOL XI. He shares some words about Adaptive Machines and the VOL series:

“It takes me anywhere from a day to two weeks to finish a patch on the modular. At the moment of finishing the patch it’s pretty typical of me to hang out for many hours in a meditative trance, listening to the ebb & flow of interactive modules at play. It’s really nice to step back and admire all the work put into what essentially is a temporary piece of art. At this point I’ll spend the next couple of days learning how to perform it before recording it live to tape for documentation. These series of tapes are called VOL, short for VOLUMETRIC. VOL I – XX were recorded to a variety of analog tape formats over the course of January 2014 to December 2015 and are currently being released exclusively through Bandcamp.”

Adaptive Machines can be found on the web at:
Facebook –
Bandcamp –
Website –