Data Cult Audio 0031 – John Bender

John Bender is many things. If you were to refer to him as an innovator, a pioneer, sonic explorer and sound scientist; you would be correct. Mostly though, John is a force of reckoning. His sheer output is amazing. He does not deal in revisionism, and is compelled to see what he can make the equipment do for him.

John started releasing his compositions in the early 80’s from his home studio in Cincinnati. Influenced by Can, Suicide, Pere Ubu, Terry Riley and Don Cherry he created music that became a template for much of the electronic music that has happened since his early releases.

His drive to make music and move forward exploring technology is at the level of compulsion and has very little if any regard for looking backward. His early works on his own imprint, Record Sluts, are amazingly ahead of their time, and are a rare commodity sought after by collectors.

After a thirty year hiatus from publicly releasing music, John has surfaced stronger and more creative than ever, releasing a daunting amount of music on his SoundCloud. Data Cult Audio is honored to present this episode of exclusive music by John. It is being posted on Veteran’s Day 2017. We think it is an apt day for a guy that helped build a part of the electronic soundscape we enjoy today.

Links to John Bender: