Data Cult Audio 0010 – Stop Plate Techtonics


Stop Plate Techtonics is an all-hardware electronic music project in Los Angeles. Inspired by the sounds of 80’s and 90’s acid house, electro, techno, and breakbeat, SPT keeps the dance floor funky with original beats and bass-heavy synthesis.
The project’s philosophy places the live-performance of hardware-based synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and effects at the forefront of its musical composition. This means that each track in this mix was recorded in a single take. Live performance mixes can be found on the Soundcloud page listed below.
SPT plays regularly in Los Angeles and San Diego with the Friends of Friends Network (#FOFN), Acid Varsity, and EMXLA, and they have opened for The Egyptian Lover, Juan Atkins, Neil Landstrumm, and Ramon Bostich’s Point Loma project.
Many of the tracks in the mix can be downloaded on the Friends of Friends network’s Bandcamp page:
You can help Stop Plate Techtonics by following them on the social media platforms below for regular updates on music, performances, and overall shenanigans: