Data Cult Audio 0030 – Vance Stevenson


Vance likes sound. He likes making things. He likes quiet surprises. He likes making sounds that surprise him. It started with Max controlled midi synths, (a Nord rack and Nord Modular) and Max/MSP laptop performance instruments in the 90s. Always interested in creating systems that could only influence and steer, but not control. Propagating an esthetic. He focuses on collapsing sounds – made both from the synthesizers and field recordings. Sonic archaeology – sounds on the edge of breaking – suspended in a structure bordering song and chaos. But please have fun. Eventually, his monkey sphere’s needs and the functionality of the tech took over, leading to working in the NYC art scene designing and building all manner of systems for artists and institutions. And in the process – lost any artistic direction himself. Escaping to the hinterlands he has fully dedicated himself to his midlife-crisis and modular synthesizer systems. Again he hunts through sonic rubble, rhythmically pecked by familiar signposts of our past.