Data Cult Audio 0042 – Yates Zaldevour

Yates Zaldevour is an Atlanta native based artist. In 1981 at the age of 5 he got a hold of Rush’s Moving Pictures on 8 track cassette. He listened to it alone, and thought everything was going ok until the very last song, Witch Hunt. He’d never heard music sound creepy before. It was as if someone was stalking him. “What are these bizarre background noises? What is going on here?” Yates turned it off, and ran away from the radio. Only to find himself slowly peeking around the corner, and coming back to listen again. Not much later in life, one of his brothers showed him the movie The Shining. He was terrified and entranced at the same time; yet seeking to know more about these crazy sounds that elicited emotional and physical reactions. Later on, in his teens, he took up drumming, and learned some basics on guitar. In the early 90’s he discovered drum machines and general midi synth boxes. By the mid 90’s he had found samplers and things took another direction in sound creation. By 2014 he landed in the modular zone, and once again, life changed for the better. 

This session is somewhat of a telling of his musical past, present, and where the future can go. The performance is based around his eurorack system and a few of it’s all in one synth friends. 

Yates currently can be found online at SoundCloud – His personal page of music and sound exploration, old bands, and few of the projects and scoring he has done.